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World Food Day Campaign 2018
Change the World with Onigiri

201,023 Onigiri photos
were posted
from around the world!

The photos turned into the bright smile of a child!
The world is connected through Onigiri.
Thank you for your support.
Because of you, we will provide warm school meals to 5,200 children in need in Africa and across the world for a year!

Best of the Best Onigiri Awards !!
We award 9 Onigiri photos from the posted photos taken all over the world!!


“Wow” Location Award

Onigiri Halloween Award

Onigiri Smile Award

Most Creative Onigiri Award
-German Breakfast-

Most Creative Onigiri Award
-Global Love-

Onigiri Kids Award

Best Onigiri Story Award
-Onigiri Action PR video-

Best Onigiri Story Award
-Power of School Unity-

Best Onigiri Story Award
-From 5 to 5 Across the World-


  • “Wow” Location Award


    Onigiri enjoyed at 3,900 meters on the top of Mount Chele La.

  • Onigiri Halloween Award


    No one can resist a delicious onigiri – not even No Face Kaonashi from Miyazaki’s Spirited Away.

  • Onigiri Smile Award


    Seeing you all look happy with the onigiri makes us smile too. :-)

  • Most Creative Onigiri Award
    -German Breakfast-


    This is a typical Munich, Germany's breakfast. Pretzel, weisswurst (white sausage) and beer!

  • Most Creative Onigiri Award
    -Global Love-


    Symbolizing the global love of Onigiri Action.

  • Onigiri Kids Award


    Washington, DC student shows the world how to make the smallest rice ball!

  • Best Onigiri Story Award
    -Onigiri Action PR video-


    The Japanese National Honor Society at Hawaii Baptist Academy led a school-wide Onigiri Action project. The high school students showed their curiosity, compassion and spirit by making a special PR video to explain what an onigiri is and make a call for Onigiri Action!

  • Best Onigiri Story Award
    -Power of School Unity-


    In Virginia, the entire Fox Mill Elementary school – students and parents – banded together to tackle worldwide hunger! The school posted over 800 photos, beating their goal of 550. Students also created a banner with encouraging messages to children in need.

  • Best Onigiri Story Award
    -From 5 to 5 Across the World-

    [Hong Kong]

    Five cultures came to create this rice ball feeding five children in need – rice recipe from a Japanese chef, pork belly recipe from a Chinese chef, instruction on forming onigiri from a Singaporean, and a husband and wife pair who met in England and live in Hong Kong formed the rice balls together. From five to five across the world.

Onigiri Recipe

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For every Onigiri photo,

5 school meals will be provided

Any photo showing an onigiri is welcomed!

  • Just an onigiri
  • Making an onigiri
  • Eating an onigiri
  • Dressed as an onigiri
  • Be creative!

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Best of the Best Onigiri Contest

Best of the Best Onigiri Contest Best of the Best Onigiri Contest

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Post your Amazing Moments and Creations on the Onigiri Campaign Website. Winners to be announced on the Website after November 21st.


  • “Wow” Location Award

    Last year’s winner was taken in Guinea! Where will you take your onigiri photo this year?

  • Onigiri Halloween Award

    You can be onigiri this Halloween! Show us your onigiri costume!

  • Onigiri Smile Award

    Show off your best smile with onigiri!

  • Most Creative Onigiri Award

    Make everyone smile with the most fun or cute design you can imagine.

  • Onigiri Kids Award

    Kids love onigiri – and making a difference while having a delicious snack!

  • Best Onigiri Story Award

    Share your great story about onigiri! (Please write in “Message” section when you post)

How to

TFT will select the awards from photos posted on our website from October 10 to November 11.

The results

The results will be announced after November 21 on our website. A notification will be sent to the winners by e-mail.

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A portion of the proceeds will be donated for school meals

Join an Event

Change the World with Onigiri @ Schools

Oct 10th to Nov 20th

K-12 schools and universities (All states)

Over 20 schools hold Onigiri Action events as part of classroom, club or whole school activities! Students learn global food related issues and simple, fun and tasty way to take actions.

Oishii October

Nov 8th

Showa Boston
(420 Pond St, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130)

Join us for a fun-filled and educational evening to make delicious (oishii) popular Japanese foods to make a difference!

Making Onigiri to Make a Difference

10/16 (Tue)

Japanese Friendship Garden Society of San Diego
(2125 Park Blvd Ste. 2, San Diego, CA 92101)

Join us for a family friendly Onigiri Action event! You wll make tasty and fun onigiri that you can eat and make a difference!


10/21(Sun) 10am-6pm

Broadway btw 92th & 94th street, New York

TFT will sell healthy Japanese food items donated by its partner companies. All the proceeds will be donated to support providing school meals to children in need. Participatns can make onigir and take fun photos.