Onigiri Action 2022

This year we saw many beautiful Onigiri photos posted from 37 countries around the world. The passion to support children in need connected us all, and is allowing us to bring 1,560,260 school meals* to them.

Thank you very much to everyone for your support and participation!

*It includes meals from the 5 meals per post plan and the 10 meals per post plan.

State Onigiri Award

Hadley Sui
These Big Apple onigiri were created as a homage to New York City. They are filled with an apple and curry sauce with small cubes of cheddar for a savory and sweet mix!

State Onigiri Award

Japan Information Center at the Consulate-General of Japan in Chicago
Very creative Chicago-themed onigiri! The one in the very back is a Chicago classic Italian beef-filled onigiri (with fries!) while the two in front of it are Chicago-style hot dog yaki onigiri. The others are traditional onigiri including yukari, umeboshi, and tuna mayo.

Best Team Award​

GenX Fitness
Seniors in a kickboxing class at GenX Fitness eat onigiri to give them energy for class! Onigiri are a delicious and compact meal that are enjoyed by all ages.

Best Team Award​

Elkins Pointe Middle School
These 7th grade Japanese language students had an onigiri set up to make their own in class, were holding hiragana signs that spell out the word "onigiri," and were wearing fun onigiri sunglasses. Their love of onigiri really shines!

Creative Onigiri Award

Anna Guettabi
This is an "Etegami" or picture letter postcard. It depicts salmon and radish onigiri, with a salmon fish in the background and the onigiri on top of a radish! The colors in this art are simply stunning.

Creative Onigiri Award

Ligon Middle School
Students from a Japanese class in North Carolina pose with this unique Onigiri Action "super hero" girl. This prop shows a new way to represent onigiri!

Creative Onigiri Award

Washington Japanese Heritage Center (Keisho center)
Students and their families gathered for an Onigiri Action event. Many of the students even created their own bento boxes filled with unique onigiri designs and other healthy foods. Aren't they so cute?

Onigiri Kids Award​

Global Onigiri Kids
Jordan, Kiara, Mina, Tanishq, Sienna, Kayla and Monika spread the word and encouraged others to try making simple recipes at home. The kids are from the U.S., Japan, India and the UK which really highlights the global impact of Onigiri Action!

Animal Onigiri Award

This adorable dog is wearing an onigiri on his head made from wool felt! Doesn't he look calm, happy and regal basking in the sun?


Any photo related to an Onigiri is welcome!

  • - Making or eating an Onigiri
  • - Doing an Onigiri pose or hand sign
  • - Onigiri art (origami, drawing, etc.)
  • Be creative!

Best Onigiri Awards 2022

Post Your Amazing Moments and Creations on the Campaign Website. Winners to be announced on the website.

Details of Best Onigiri Awards 2022

State Onigiri Award

Post a picture of a rice ball associated with a certain state in the U.S.

Best Team Award​

Tell us about your ONIGIRI ACTION team!

Creative Onigiri Award

Make everyone smile with the most fun or cute design you can imagine

Onigiri Kids Award​

Kids love onigiri – and making a difference while having a delicious snack!​

Animal Onigiri Award

Take an onigiri photo with your lovely pet! ​or make an animal shaped onigiri!

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